June 20, 2017

BISK Education Services are delighted and honoured to be invited to the first IraqI – UK conference for trade and investment, which has organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the UK.

The conference will be held on the 3rd and 4th of July in London, and there are many ministers and representatives from eight Iraqi ministries. Also present will be officials from the parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee, Economic Committee and the National Investment Committee, who look forward to hearing the views of the UK business community, to strengthen bilateral trade.

This will be a unique opportunity for investors to engage with Iraqi policy makers, as Iraq’s security situation continues to stabilise across much of the country. Furthermore, economic forecasts are increasingly positive to 2020 and beyond, as the country’s investment budget increases.

The conference will give the opportunity to British leading companies to explore doing business in Iraq, and explore the investment map in the southern provinces, where stability encourages foreign investors to engage in big investments in transport, financial services, tourism, infrastructure, health, education and other sectors.

Freshta Raper & Stuart Raper

Co-Directors BISK Education Services


Iraq - Is There Hope? conference

January 25, 2017
I will be speaking the "Iraq - Is There Hope?" conference on February 5th in Hammersmith, London. Please come along.

For more information please visit the event website.

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Meeting with the Iraqi Ambassador to the UK

July 24, 2016
Recently I had a long meeting with his Excellency Dr Salih the Ambassador of Iraq in London. It was such a pleasure to listen to his Excellency talking about primary education with passion and how we can rebuild it?

Until now, I have only witnessed Iraqi personal just pay attention to only University level education but for a change, we had a very healthy and long conversation on how we can rebuild the primary and secondary education sector in Iraq. I am planning to put together a programme t...

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KS2 Results released to schools today 5th June

July 5, 2016
Good luck to all students and parents waiting to hear the results of the national Key Stage 2 results (Year 6) which are being released to schools today.

According to the DfE (Department for Education) the national average across ALL schools is:
  • Reading - 103
  • Gammar, punctuation & spelling - 104
  • Mathematics - 103
Children achieving a score of 100 have met the national standard expected for their age.

Children scoring below 100 are working towards the national standard expected for their age.

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School for refugee children

April 6, 2016

During the Easter holidays I spent two days visiting a refugee camp in Dunkirk, France. One of the first things that struck me was the high percentage of Iraqi Kurds who were living there. My main purpose was to visit a school that had been set up to provide some education to the refugee children by Rory Fox an experienced head teacher from England.


I was extremely impressed, by the amount of effort that Rory Fox and his colleague Genny Perry had put into the project. Both are very successf...

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